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Yoshimi Battles Pink Robots


February 28, 2018
Challenge: Write about a song closely associated with a strong memory for each day in February.

Yoshimi Battles Pink Robots by The Flaming Lips

Her name is Yoshimi
She’s a black belt in karate
Working for the City
She has to discipline her body
‘Cause she knows it’s demanding
To defeat those evil machines
I know she can beat them.

It’s the last one! I made it through a full month of “Music and Memories.” Of course there are many songs that didn’t make the list. Some sad. Some silly. Some just about the time I ran out of gas while listening to “Ms. Jackson.”

I like this song because I fancy myself a sort of Yoshimi. I work for the City, after all, and sometimes I feel like I’m battling the pink robots… which is a weird metaphor for literally anything, but every day in city government brings something new and strange into my life. Sometimes it feels like an uphill battle.

Most days it feels like an uphill battle.

So the thing about Yoshimi is that she’s tough. She’s in good shape. She makes others feel safe. These aren’t necessarily qualities that I possess, but I feel pretty confident that most people would agree I try. I renew this struggle pretty often. Some victories. Many defeats But like Yoshimi, I know that it would be tragic if those evil robots win. I know I can beat them.

See, this song is great. It’s weird. It’s so very me. I don’t know who this Yoshimi is, but I figure she’s pretty bad ass. So, I’m going to keep trying to battle the pink robots.

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